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A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. Copyright © The AA Grapevine, Inc. Reprinted with permission.
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This year both days fall on a Monday.
Call the Central Office (503 399-0599)
to confirm what meetings are happening.
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Intergroup still needs an Outreach Coordinator. This is a great opportunity for service work. You get to meet with all the groups, support them and help them to stay connected to the larger network. Please call Central Office to volunteer.
Job description is available here:
Need inspiration but can't make a meeting?
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SOBERFEST is here again!!!
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Win a car!!! A SOBERFEST auction. Tickets are now on sale thru your AA group representative. Look for them at your next meeting. Click here for info:
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TTCO Speakers Meeting
Saturday, January 13th. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
We are starting a new Alateen meeting On Sat. at 10 AM Jan 6, 2018 at the First Christian Church (corner Marion and Cottage). Click HERE for additional details in attached Flyer.
Bob M. Dallas, Or.
=================================================== For clarity of purpose: • Alateen is an Al-Anon group specifically designed for young people ages 12 to 19. Alateen works in exactly the same way, and follows exactly the same principals designed by Al-anon, except that you are surrounded by a group of people your own age; people who are experiencing the same difficulties at home with an alcoholic parent, sibling, grandparent, or anyone else who has a problem with drinking behaviors.  • In Alateen, you will meet and find hope with people who have suffered different types of mental, emotional and even physical abuse as a result of the family illness of alcoholism. Alateens have suffered the same trauma as any adult exposed to this disease and the Alateen group is a wonderful place for you to find recovery from its effects.  In Alateen, kids find: • Other kids like them who have been affected by someones drinking. • The meeting is a safe place where a person can share his or her experiences. • Help in understanding the family disease of alcoholism. • The meeting is a place to learn and feel good about oneself. • The Alateen Program encourages us to change our attitudes instead of reacting to the situation, and gives us the courage to detach with love • The meeting IS ANONYMOUS – that what we hear or whom we see at meetings stays in the meeting. • The Program Is grrreat!* ===================================================
Please read and volunteer if you possibly can.

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OLD MEETING HAS BECOME NEW --Living Sober For Beginners; Friday 7:30 pm St. Paul's Episcopal Church - (Downstairs) 1444 Liberty St SE; Open Meeting (O,NS); All are welcome; Reading and discussion from the book Sober Living.

H & I (Hospitals and Institutions Committee): Click here to download the Flyer with info on how you can help


A phone call is often the first time someone reaches out to AA.

Both the Central Office and the Hotline Coordinators have an on-going need for volunteers to answer phones. Contact Central Office at 503-399-0599 (between 10 and 2 weekday, or Ben at 503-375-0382 after these hours if you would like to give back for what you have been given.

Intergroup Meeting Location And New IGR Orientation Meeting

Willamette Valley Intergroup holds it's monthly meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month. The location is: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1444 Liberty St. S.E. in Salem. Everyone is welcome to attend this very important service meeting.

Opportunities To Be Of Service:

Central Office is looking for volunteers to answer phones after hours. Contact Ben at 503-375-0382 if you are interested.

Central Office is looking for volunteers to work in the office. 1-year sobriety requirement.

Central Office is looking for volunteers to take 12 Step Calls. Laura at Central Office is always interested in talking to anyone interested in volunteering at Central Office.

For more information about these or any other service positions:
Call Central Office at (503) 399-0599.

The Hospitals and Institutions (H & I) Committee For information about this committee contact Leslee L. at 503-580-4017 ( This committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

Contact Oregon Area 58 Mid-Valley Region Corrections Coordinator Larry S. 541-223-8253 for information about Oregon state prison meetings and other state corrections activities.

Contact Erin C-B., 503-779-8151 for information about Marion County Jail Meetings.


For Al-Anon schedules and info click here:

Information about Al-Anon is presented here as a service to members of the Fellowship and/or their families. Neither the Willamette Valley Intergroup, nor the Central Office in Salem are affiliated with Al-Anon.
[From the Al-Anon Service Manual (pg 113)".....Although a separate entity, Al-Anon should always cooperate with Alcoholics Anonymous.

In relating to local A.A. Intergroups or central offices, Al-Anon may offer: ? to name one or two members to act as liaison and to provide current lists of group contacts for Twelfth Step referrals ? to submit Al-Anon/Alateen meeting information for inclusion in A.A.?s local meeting list if asked to do so ? to reimburse A.A. for any expenses incurred on Al-Anon?s behalf, such as telephone calls, cost of printing meeting lists on which Al-Anon meetings are also listed, copying costs.......Al-Anon performs its own Twelfth Step work in alcohol treatment centers, hospitals, and other facilities, and with professionals that work with families and friends of alcoholics. Experience has shown that cooperation with A.A. can be mutually beneficial......." Therefore, the following questions are provided here with the hope that they will be mutually beneficial in recovery.

Singleness of Purpose--Solving Our Common Problem

"SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE" IS ESSENTIAL TO THE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF ALCOHOLISM. The reason for such exaggerated focus is to overcome denial. The denial associated with alcoholism is cunning, baffling, and powerful and affects the patient, helper, and the community. Unless alcoholism is KEPT RELENTLESSLY IN THE FOREGROUND, other issues will usurp everybody's attention.

From Box 459, published bimonthly the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous, February/March 2003 by George E. Valiant, M. D. Class A (nonalcoholic) trustee A.A. General Service Board


Click here to view a Flyer on how to obtain these new additions to your Alcoholics Anonymous library from AAWS


From Chapter 5 of the Big Book of Alchoholics Anonymous, Ch. 5 -- .....There are those, too, who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest....."
An A.A. member wrote: "I spent years in therapy "suffering from grave emotional and mental disorders" as stated in Chapter 5 of the "big book", Alcoholics Anonymous, page 58, without addressing my fundamental issues. At no time, neither the problem of personal alcoholism, nor the concern of being affected by growing up in an alcoholic environment was discussed.
It wasn't until I came to A.A. that I began to recover from alcoholism. It wasn't until a member of the Fellowship confronted me with the suggestion, after a vicious bout of Road Rage, that I contact someone familiar with Adult Children of Alcoholics that I began to learn about growing up with the "effects of alchoholism". I am what is called a Dual Member. I belong in the rooms of both Alcoholics Anonymous and the World Wide Fellowship of Al-Anon.

To help you decide whether this may be an issue for you, we are providing a list of questions published by Al-Anon WSO, in Pamphlet S-25, that may give you some insight into your own recovery process. The answers are yours to do with as you will.


Click here to view the questions regarding growing up with the effects of alcoholism

And if you can answer yes to any one of these questions, maybe it is time you took a serious look at another aspect of recovery.

A. A. Cooperates With Professionals

If you are a Professional Working With Alcoholics, perhaps you would like more information. If so, please contact the Central Office during normal business hours. Contact info is in the right-hand column.

Public Information about Alcoholics Anonymous

If you want more information about Alcoholics Anonymous, or wish to establish a contact in Marion/Polk Counties, please contact the Central Office during normal business hours. Contact info is in the right-hand column.